What is uCreator software?

uCreator is a software application that enables online product personalization. It has been designed for manufacturers, sellers of products, sport clubs and salesmen who aspire to selling personalized products.
Take the tour uCreator allows for a wide range of use, including websites and stores. That gives customers an opportunity to first get a preview of a real product and have it personalized afterwards.

Why use uCreator?

eny-website-icon.png On any website
You do not need to create new expensive websites. uCreator can be placed on any existing site. This way you can get off to a fast start and offer complex software solutions.
only-icon.png Not only creator
uCreator has developed an effective and functional form of communication with clients by using flash interface. This interface provides a wide spectrum of products to be personalized. You can fittingly supplement your portfolio and offer an attractive way of sale. Sport club and sport fans are the most likely to be delighted. People enjoy being unique and uCreator affords such opportunity to them.
Effective and efficient communication
This functionality is mostly appreciated by sport clubs. Any club can offer their personalized gifts and fans articles not only on the web but also directly in the outlet at the stadium. Your fans can customize their dresses right in the store by using the uCreator and large-screen TV.
maker-icon.png Jersey maker
Software application uCreator incorporates a unique module called – Jerseys. This module allows for a fast and easy creation of entire teams. Customer can choose one product and then build a whole lineup with the names of their friends, colleagues or idols.
creator-icon.pngT – shirt creator
By using uCreator you can offer an extensive range of products. Use it as online T-shirt designer software. You can put up for sale T-shirts, sweatshirts, flat caps or other type of clothing. The assortment is entirely at your own discretion. With this application you can offer any product capable of personalization.
improve-icon.png Improve your offer
Review all prior purchases and track all products in demand. Information on products is at your disposal and can be exported from CMS at any time. uCreator is an excellent marketing tool for improvement of product portfolio and production planning.
marketing-icon.pngExcellent marketing tool
In uCreator you will find an important marketing tool that will help you build up relationship between you and your customers. Easy and congenial work with the application will please visitors of your websites. It can be one of the decisive factors that will encourage an inflow of new clients.

Client stories

Peter Hollý “The greatest benefit is its independence and flexibility. It was strategic decision I have made.”
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Peter Hollý - co-founder urobsito.sk
Tomáš Klein “It mainly helps us to present ourselves and communicate with ours fans”
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Tomáš Klein - Director United Bratislava

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